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Pastured Pork

Our Berkshire pigs have a wonderful life. It is a truly stress free environment and produces the best tasting pork... Period!

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Free Range Chickens

What can be better than letting your chickens roam free? Healthy, happy chooks lay great tasting eggs!

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Nguni Cattle

We breed Nguni cross cattle to suit our tropical climate and for their superior eating quality.

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Our family

Freckle Farm allows us to work on something we're really passionate about that also involves our children.

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Pasture management is the key

We use a rotational grazing system to allow pastures to recover and provide animals with fresh feed on a regular basis.

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The animals

Pigs, chickens and cattle all have a role to play. We use the animals and work with nature to achieve the best production and environmental outcomes.

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The Freckle Farm story, in a nutshell…

Rob Bauman and Deb McLucas own and run Freckle Farm – a sustainable free range farm on the Whitsunday coast of tropical north Queensland.

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Welcome to Freckle Farm


Our mission is to supply healthy, fresh, great tasting food – through our Mackay shop and through our local weekly Farmers’ Markets. At the heart of our business is a deep passion and respect for the land and our animals. We are committed to regenerating the ecosystem so that all elements of our environment may flourish.



Our Approach

Our mission is to supply healthy, fresh, great tasting food to local customers and we are excited to be part of a growing local food movement.