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Our Animals

If you have seen a happier bunch of animals than the ones on Freckle Farm we would like to know where they live. We believe that it is a privilege and not a right to raise animals and that as animal owners it is our responsibility to ensure their welfare always comes first on the farm. That is why we have developed a pasture based, free range system which allows the animals to spend their days in a way that most closely resembles how they would live in ‘the wild’.

The pigs and chickens have mobile ‘eco-shelters’ for protection from the elements and for the chickens to lay their eggs in. We make pens using electric fencing and move these pens regularly onto fresh pasture so that they get the best feed available. The chickens peck at the green grass, scratch, chase bugs and have dust baths. Our pigs love to root up the ground, roll in the mud, and rest under their shelters during the heat of the day. These activities play a big role in producing the high quality, great tasting produce that our customers enjoy.

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