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Freckle Farm beef is raised in a natural farming system and is 100% grass fed. All of our beef is from cattle that are bred on our farm and so we can guarantee it is free from chemicals, antibiotics and growth hormones. We select only the best animals for slaughter because supplying quality produce to our customers is of paramount importance to us. The cattle are handled using low stress stock handling techniques, which makes a big difference to the eating quality of meat.

Our focus is on producing healthy beef that tastes great and we manage every step of the chain from paddock to plate so that we can maximise the eating quality for our customers. We stock a full range of the usual beef cuts and our butcher is happy to take orders if you would like something special.


Freckle Farm pork is renowned for its flavour, which comes from the heritage breed genetics and the grass based diet our pigs enjoy. Our pigs are raised in a natural farming system. We do not use chemicals, antibiotics or hormones and there are no sheds or sow stalls. They live on pasture in social groups and are able to root the ground with their powerful snouts, make wallows and forage for food as they would in their natural environment.

In 2017 we won a Silver Medal in the Australian Food Awards for our fresh pork. Freckle Farm Pork was judged best in Queensland and third in Australia.

We produce the full range of fresh pork cuts and work with local butchers to produce our famous Bacon, Ham and Smallgoods including Kabana and Chorizo.



What can be better than letting your chickens roam free? Healthy, happy chooks lay great tasting eggs!

You can find our eggs at these retail outlets and enjoy Freckle Farm eggs at these local cafes and restaurants which support local and artisanal foods.