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The Farm

Freckle Farm is nestled in its own little gorge at the edge of the Pioneer Valley in tropical North Queensland. We are 40km south-west of Mackay and the farm covers an area of 265ha. Our farm backs onto the beautiful Ben Mohr State Forest, a heavily timbered forestry reserve which remains in its natural state. This is a wonderful advantage for us as we know there is no chemical or fertiliser coming down the creeks which flow through our farm. The area was settled in the mid-1800s and the farm has been home to several generations of farming families over the years.

Our vision is for a sustainable, local food production system which does not rely on artificial inputs, and aids in the recovery of the environment and the local community. We have introduced cattle, pigs and chickens over the past six years to start the process of regenerating the landscape and repairing the soils. All of the animals graze on our natural pastures, spreading manure and incorporating organic matter into the soil.

We believe very strongly in the principles of holistic management and work with the natural systems to achieve positive outcomes for our animals and our environment. Some of the tools that we use include Biodynamics (a form of organic farming), rotational grazing, composting, and subtle energy.

You are welcome to visit the farm by joining one of our Public Farm Tours or Field Days held throughout the year.